Nev Maggs

 Neville Maggs is 72, retired, and was an insurance claims assessor. He currently spends part of the year in Leicester with his new wife Judi, part of the year in California and the rest of the year on numerous holidays.

He has travelled most of the world, including:

  • From UK to Jerusalem overland in a borrowed van was most interesting.
  • Then Russia, China, Japan, India and Nepal, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, most of western Europe, Central and South America, Egypt, Dubai, Ghana, South Africa and Kenya.
  • Plus Uzbekistan and Kyrgistan.
  • Many times in USA and Canada.
  • Favourate destination Hawaaii.
  • Favourate peoples – Ghanain. So warm, hospitable and caring. Has been to Ghana 10 times in past 12 years.
  • Treking in Peru to Machu Pichu over the Andes was very special.

Having started running at the ripe old age of 48 he has run 26 marathons. These have been in USA, France, Germany, Austria, Holland, Egypt, Ireland, UK, and Greece.

  • Fastest was the Disneyworld Marathon in Orlando in 3hrs 36mins.
  • Most difficult was Honolulu due to heat and humidity.
  • Has raised about £35,000 from running for various charities addition to monies
    raised to build the school in Ghana.
  • Has run about 40,000 miles since taking up running marathons

Since retiring have learnt skiing, scuba diving, horse riding and show jumping, ballroom dancing, golf and  now learning German.

He is a member of a number of associations and is an active parishioner at his local catholic church.

Oops nearly forgot……. he has successfully completed the ‘Tough Guy Challenge’ five times and in the past has sailed one leg of a ’round the world’ yacht race.


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