Nevs Talks

Illustrated talks to any size group on the following: 

1) Running the World’s Greatest Marathons (from London to New York and Honolulu!  — 25 in total) 

2) Adventures in the BT Global Challenge Round the World Yacht Race 

3) Trekking across the Andes to the Lost City of the Incas (Machu Pichu) 

4) Travels in India & Nepal 

5) In the Footsteps of Marco Polo on The Silk Road (travels through Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan & China) 

6) Travels in Ghana (West Africa) 

7) The History & Beauty of the Hawaiian Islands 

8) Trekking in the Grand Canyon 

9) Overland to Jerusalem by van 

Talks are based on Nevs personal experiences. He does not charge but asks for a donation towards the schools charity. We suggest a donation of at least £30 or $50.

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