The School


About 10 years ago Neville  visited Ghana and whilst there, he stayed some time with a friend at Aseyoboah Kumasi. Next to his friend’s house was the local school.  The area is very poor. There are no made up roads, just dirt tracks with steep ruts from the heavy rains. The School is at the bottom of a steep hill with poor housing down the hillside with no or inadequate drainage and is surrounded by swampy, smelly water and thus mosquitoes abound. The school is regularly flooded. Over the years Neville has raised money for the school and because of his efforts they renamed the school the ‘Neville Preparatory School’ However because the School regularly floods and has open drains across the classroom it was decided 2 years ago to relocate the School to the top of a hill which was free from flooding. Neville then decided to raise funds to build a new School.

Old School        

The New School   

The new School will consist of 6 primary school classrooms and 4 middle school classrooms plus a nursery. In addition there will be toilets with running water, a computer room and library, headmaster’s office and reception room. The plan includes a kitchen & a common room. The current cost of the school is estimated at £80,000 or $128,000. The new school project is supported by the local Catholic and Presbyterian ministers, the local chief and by the retired bishop of Kumasi. The brother of the Bishop is the architect for the project.

Current Project Status

The Foundation for the main block has been completed and the hardcore base is in the process of being laid.


Here are some pictures of the progress being made (February 2011)


More photo updates March 2011


Photo updates April 2011


Updates August 2011 ( the roof is on!!!)


****Sept/Oct 2011 The first children move into completed ground floor classrooms****


March 2012 – The school is open but work carries on


Updates June 2012 – Building the Toilet Block and drilling a borehole


Updates Sept 2012 – The toilet block takes shape


Updates Feb 2013 – Looking good!!

ghana school gates 2 toilet

Financial Auditing

Financial Control Ghana

The local Catholic Priest Fr Peter Akenteng ensures that each project stage is completed to specification and then sends photos of the work done to Neville. Neville transfers payment to Fr Peter who pays the local contractors. Fr Peter will also ensure that the School accounts are audited annually. Neville regularly visits Ghana to see for himself how work is progressing.

Financial Control UK

This is provided by the trustees of the charity in compliance with charity status regulations. The trustees for the charity are Neville & Judi Maggs, Anthony Maggs, Shimul & Jon Heming, Rachel Moyes and David Cooper.

Accounts are audited annual as required by the Charity Commission.

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