Final update of 2011

1) Nana Sarpong, the builder has just written to say that work is going ahead on the completion of the ground floor of the new school.

When complete it will mean there are six classrooms and an office for the head and one for the teachers, all operational.

What a fantastic year!

We have completed the most expensive part of the project. The upstairs will not need foundations as the walls will be constructed on top of the re-inforced concrete roof of the ground floor. It will need re-inforced columns to be completed to support the roof.

I have asked Nana what the most
urgent part of the project is next and as I thought it is the construction of
the rear wall to the site (for security),  a 92′ long wall about 8ft high.

2) Yesterday I received a cheque for
$10.00 from an old friend. Today I received a cheque (WAIT FOR IT !!!)
£1000.00 (one thousand pounds). I am trying to get both donations gift aided.
The large donor wishes to remain anonymous.

3) My talks start again in January.
So far I have 5 booked for Jan & Feb. I have more than enough jam jars for the time being.

4)  Interest in the Rutland
Water walk is good although no  one has e-mailed to say they definitely will take part. Judi will get some sponsor forms prepared. We plan on going out there to do a recci in january to plan the route for water stops and other useful tips.

5) Yesterday I saw the manager of Sainsbury’s in Oadby and asked if Sainsbury’s would like to donate the ingredients for each occasion I need to make more marmalade. The manager has taken details and is putting the matter to her HO to see what other help the
company might like to give. FINGERS CROSSED

6) The President of Kirby Muxloe catenians has been raising money throughout his year for us. His annual dinner dance is on 3rd March. He is making a special effort to raise funds for the charity. He is seeking sponsorship from companies dealing with Brennans Pharmacy who he works for.

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