News update from USA

Have now been in California 2 weeks and not idle. Have visited 5 schools, mostly primary seeking opportunities to give talks and earn some funds. Here arrangements for such seem to have to get the OK from PTA’s and I am waiting to hear.

Have made contact with an educational consultant we met in Ghana and she is seeking openings for me. I have also been to two churches in the area and am waiting to hear from them.

Judi’s lawyer is most interested in the project and is looking out for groups needing a speaker. He has also promised to make a substantial donation when he next gets a large case settled. He is now on the mailing list for the charity.

Judi and I are holding a Yard Sale (car boot at home sale) and friends are giving us saleable goods. That will happen next weekend.

Training is going well for Tough Guy on 31st July. I hope to top last year’s sponsorship of  4200.00 pounds.

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  1. Dave Cooper says:

    Perfect Nev :)

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