Evington Leisure Centre Leicester

We are holding a sponsored Sit-up challenge on Sunday 30th January starting at 10.00amĀ  – 12.00 noon. Everyone welcome contact Nev via our contact form on the website to get further details.

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  1. Cooperman says:

    Great idea Nev what do we have to do?

  2. Cooperman says:

    What will happen on the day??
    1) Every participant will have a partner
    2) Each pair will be part of a team of 4 or 6 persons
    3) Each participant does 25 full sit-ups with partner holding their feet
    4) Every member of team completes a set & then team re-starts for full 2 hours.
    5) Each set is marked up on wall chart

    Before the day:
    Take a sponsor form and collect as much as you can from friends and family. We need around ?40,000.00 to complete the new school. Every penny you collect is invaluable. (See web-site for more info: http://www.nevprepschool.com)

    • Justin Riley says:

      Look out tomorrow Mr.Cooper…………plenty of hardcore sit-up training on the way in preparation for this great fund raising event!!

      Please excuse the pun of “hardcore”!

      Justin (Dave’s Friend and Personal Trainer)

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