Welcome to the website of the New Neville Preparatory School. This site is dedicated to raising funds towards building a new school which Neville Maggs has chosen to support. To understand why, please take a moment to read the article below.

The Neville Preparatory School is a privately owned and run school in the district of Asuoyeboah, Kumasi, Ghana. It is regulated by the Ghanaian Education Authority and provides basic education for up to 350 hundred children from nursery age through to twelve years of age.


The school was founded by Mr Joseph Sarkodi in 1990 and lies at the bottom of a steep hill which is lined with unmade tracks and gulleys into which house drains run. As a result the open drains regularly flood the school during heavy rain storms.

Open drains                 Open drains

In 2000 Neville was visiting the area and stayed in a nearby house for two weeks. He was extremely moved by the poor conditions the school and its children had to endure and became determined to help. Mr Sarkodi asked Neville if he could help complete some classrooms and provide help to build flood protections. As a result of the financial help he was able to provide the parents and staff decided to rename the school, the Neville Preparatory School.


The New Neville Preparatory School Trust (Ghana) Registered account no: 1135785

The trustees have agreed to widen the use of the charity to aid a second school in Kumasi, Ghana.

St Luke’s Primary School had no flushing toilets. In fact the 300 children were using the waste land outside the school as a toilet. We have undertaken to build a block of flushing toilets which empty into a cess pit. These toilets are now in operation. The school is desperately in need of additional classrooms as there is such a demand for places at the school. We have undertaken to fund the construction of 5 extra classrooms at a cost of approx. £26k.  To raise this money Neville has undertaken to do a 1000 mile sponsored bike ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats starting on 19th August 2019


“We have to report that active fundraising has been suspended for the past three years due to a legal action we have had to take. A lady took up residence in a classroom at the school with two of her children after being flooded out of her nearby home. Neville has personally offered to pay for accommodation elsewhere but she has declined all offers of help.

Neville has personally paid all the legal fees so that no charitable donations have been affected. The court procedure in Ghana seems to be endless.

It is the considered view of the trustees that if the legal action is successful the school should be transferred to the Methodist church who own & operate several good schools in the Kumasi region.

In the event of the legal action failing, we propose to use the donated money currently in the bank to provide extra needed rooms at another primary school in Christian Village, Kumasi. We will report further when we get a decision in the Kumasi Court”


2008 -  Neville visits with his eldest brother Fr Anthony and was shocked by what he saw. Coming back more determined than ever he sets up a Registered Charity: The New Neville Preparatory School Trust (Ghana) No: 1135785

2009 – Neville visits the site of the new school and meets up with various local Chiefs who give their support to the scheme.

2010 – Work begins and the foundations are laid. However due to hyper inflation within Ghana the project costs are now estimated in the region of £60,000

2011 - Current completion estimates now run to £80,000/$128,000, with just over £46,000 raised by December 2011. Serious flooding in September 2011 caused the closure of the old school. However the good news was that three classrooms were complete enough for delighted children to move into them

********SEPT 2011 CHILDREN MOVE INTO COMPLETED GROUND FLOOR CLASSROOMS (see pictures in the photo gallery)********

2012 – Lessons are now being taught in various rooms within the school as building work continues. Work begins on the toilet block and borehole.

2013 – The ground floor is complete (six classrooms and an office for the head and one for the teachers). The toilet block is finished. There are four flushing toilets each for
boys and girls. The front wall and steel gates now provide complete security for the school. Current figure raised £73,000 !!

Work continues and progress can be seen with the regular photo updates posted on the site, in the School or photogallery sections.

Neville has now visited the school almost every year since, bringing extra funds and gifts for the children and staff .

To date Neville continues to work tirelessly towards the target of building the new school. This website is a way of keeping you informed of the progress being made and the fundraising activities that are occuring all over the world.

We do hope you can help

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